Josef BeeryJosef Beery


Natasha Trethewey

“I did not know then the subtext / of our story, that my father could imagine / Jefferson’s words made flesh in my flesh— / the improvement of the blacks in body / and mind, in the first instance of their mixture / with the whites—or that my father could believe / he’d made me […]

Wendell Berry

“I go by a field where once / I cultivated a few poor crops. / It is now covered with young trees, / for the forest that belongs here / has come back and reclaimed its own. / And I think of all the effort / I have wasted and all the time, / and […]

Gary Snyder

“What are these deserts? Sheep overgrazed them years ago? / A sweeping gallery forest and a gentle five mile ridge of foxtail pine / Tom and I walk up the arid slope / Caught in lightning crashes — / Siberian Outpost meadow / bunchgrass tufts and gopher holes — / shelter in the space beneath […]