Josef BeeryJosef Beery

Intaglio Printmaking

Printing images from the etched orJosefsNewPress engraved plate is no longer restricted to college art studios and professional artists. New research into nontoxic techniques using modern materials make this incredible art form accessible to all.MushroomPrint

Engraving plastic plates with just about any sharp object opens a whole world of image possibilities. The plates can then be inked with intaglio ink, wiped, and printed in an intaglio press on dampened printmaking papers.

Etching plastic plates can now be done with out using acids or mordants. Work with photopolymer technologies allows images to be etched into a plastic plate using UV light provided by the sun. These plates are then washed out using just water and then printed using standard intaglio techniques.

Bill Ritchie in Seattle has recently invented a lightweight tabletop intaglio press — the Halfwood Press. It is a very precise and uniquely beautiful machine built of hardwood and steel. it creates professional quality prints and most wonderfully can be transported easily to the classroom. Using this press, I can teach classes anywhere students are interested.PredatoryPrint

If you are interested in hosting this class or taking the course at its next offering, please contact me.


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